An Eve To Kill For

Get your New Year's poppers out—once again it is time for our New Year's Eve private soiree—"Film Noir" style(not familiar with the term? See here for reference). We are bringing the party back to the massive and luxurious General's Quarters in Ft. Mason, for a night of mystery and intrigue. For any of you new comers, there will be multiple full "open" bars on the main floor, and for those brave souls who can stomach adventure, there will be a hidden seedy establishment right under your nose. So channel your inner femme fatale or your desire to be a 40s Private-I, grab your dancing shoes and get ready to solve some mysteries at this New Year's Eve 2015 "Film Noir" event.

Details & Ticket Info

To keep it simple, all you have to do is dress in your Noir inspired Black and White attire (tuxes are always a hit). There will be mystery and late night rendezvous for all to be had.

The doors open promptly at 8:00 and we will enjoy ourselves at the shadowy Officer's Quarter overlooking the bay. The place can hold easily 600 people but since we are a secretive bunch, we are limiting it to 450. Once we sell out even with blackmail, threats of murder or seduction (hmmm) there will be NO Way to get in so make sure to get your friends and loved ones to buy their tickets ASAP.

We will have the same policy as last year: you are in once we receive the payment. It DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU RESPOND TO THE EVITE. We sell out every year so make sure to get you and your friends on the list ASAP. If you have any questions contact Patrick ( Looking forward to another fun New Year's Eve!

Ticket Prices:  WE HAVE SOLD OUT!!!

See you all there tonight!

Payment Directions:
* If you are paying for multiple people, you MUST include each person's FULL NAME
* Payments are final and we cannot give refunds
* Must be over 21 to attend (IDs will be checked at the door)

Ready To Go All In?

To continue the tradition of raising funds, there will be an 'underground' poker game for charity starting at the beginning of the event. It will be a 1 table (10 person max) structure with a buy-in of $1000 USD, and play will be in the format of a Turbo Sit-n-go (play continues until last person standing). The prize pool proceeds will be to the organization Ben's Friends, with a small portion going towards prizes for the winning players. If you chose to sponsor the event, you will recieve an automatic seat at the poker game, along with brand recognition at the event as well as this site. The $1000 entry fee can be a tax write-off, so talk to your company and get a seat at the table! Some other benefits of being an amazing sponsor include:

  • • Did we mention it's a tax write-off?
  • • Look like a superstar during the party
  • • Specialize wrist band = people will know you're making the world a better place
  • • Chances to win some amazing prizes
  • • Your company logo will be featured on the sponsor list (Baller Status)
  • • Hosts of the party will hand deliver your favorite cocktails so you can focus on winning!

If you are interested in joining the poker game, please contact Scott Orn at To see the current line-up of sponsors/ players, see below.


Sponsors Who Have Purchased A Spot In The Charity Poker Game

Sponsors Of The Event